professional studio valve equipment

Stereo Valve Compressor

stereo_valve_compressor_insideTHE CHISWICK REACH COMPRESSOR is all transformer coupled, all valve signal path topology, operating in true balanced class A mode. Particular attention has been paid to the design of the input and output transformers resulting in extended frequency response at both low and high frequencies and at high input and output levels. All valves are carefully matched to obtain lowest noise and distortion and to ensure accurate tracking when used as a stereo compressor. Capacitors and other components have also carefully selected for low noise and colouration.

The result is a compressor which is smooth and transparent and will add warmth and sparkle to any track. Each channel is fitted with input and output attenuators and a continuously variable input level control. A meter showing gain reduction, and the normal threshold, attack and release controls. A further refinement to the attack control the “thump” position allows a switched modification to the side chain giving a great tool for percussive sounds. Independent bypass switches on both channels and a stereo link switch are also fitted.

We are pleased to quote some performance measurements:

Frequency response +/- 0.5dB 18Hz to 25kHz High frequency -3dB point 55kHz Low frequency -3dB point 15Hz Distortion at +8dB input level and 5dB compression less than 0.08% predominately second order. Broadband noise better than -70dB peak 20Hz to 20kHz Within 1 degree of phase from 10Hz to 25kHz Release Time:- 0.25 second to 2.5 seconds Threshold range :- 7.5dB Max attainable output before soft clipping +22dB