professional studio valve equipment

20th Anniversary Edition

Our finest machine thus far. Limited number available now.

In the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Chiswick Reach Stereo Valve Compressor you have the finest machine we have built thus far, with the all-valve processed input and output sections in the two compressors within, as well as the valve rectified mains supply. The side chain is valve rectified as previously, but now additionally includes a solid state option, with a high pass filter from bypass to 150 Hz. As well as the seven valves we have continued to use the huge mu metal encased hand wound  input and output transformers, and all of the wiring was done by hand in here the the UK – so still no printed circuit board!

We still have the same strong visual features on the front panel, and now there are illuminated meters from SIFAM for the first time! With high quality pots and well made valve sockets we have the best of components on board.

The Chiswick Reach 20th Anniversary Edition is the first of our World’s Finest Compressors series.

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